Update:Fake moderator emails

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This official news post is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It was added on 17 November 2003 but has been removed.

We would like to warn our players, that a few losers are sending fake 'become a moderator' emails, to try and trick players into giving away their password.

We would like to remind everyone that when we are inviting people to become moderators on the RuneScape forums we NEVER send the invitations by email. If you receive an invitiation it will be through your secure message-centre here on runescape.com only.

Therefore if you appear to get an email that appears to be from us, then be very suspicious, it's probably fake. Delete the email immediately, and then go to runescape.com (not via a link in the email) and check your message-centre instead. Be sure to also read our security tips located in our 'Rules and Security' section for general account security advice.

Please also bear in mind that forum moderators will be hand picked by Jagex staff only. Please do not ask about becoming a moderator, because we are NOT accepting requests in any way shape or form. The best way to be picked by one of our staff is to be a regular quality contributor to the forums.

Thanks, Jagex