Update:Coming Soon from Jagex Software (10 November 2000)

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This official news post is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It was added on 10 November 2000 but has been removed.

Coming soon from Jagex Software! Runescape, our massive multiplayer adventure. Trade and communicate with other players. Learn skills to earn money, or if you're brave attempt to find riches in the dungeons. Your charactor[sic] will continue to evolve and improve the more you play, with quests to complete for extra rewards. Choose good or evil the choice is entirely yours!


  • These elements of the game have all already been finished.
  • Full 3d engine renders the high detail world
  • Efficient network routines allow game to run using minimal bandwidth
  • Detailed 3-dimensional map with multi-level buildings, rivers, hills etc..
  • Automatic route finding makes exploring the map easy.
  • Your game is automatically saved on the server when you quit
  • Npcs and monsters which inhabit different areas, and can interact with you
  • Objects which you can take, manipulate, and use.
  • Interactive scenary[sic] (e.g trees can be chopped down, doors opened etc..)
  • Close range combat system between players and npcs
  • Inventory screen
  • Automatic map view
  • Full trading system
  • Charactor[sic] design system allows everyone to look different
  • Players can use weapons and armour changing their appearance & stats
  • Entire quest scripting system, can control any aspect of the game
  • Several detailed 'graphical adventure' style quests and charactors[sic]
  • Information on what you have done is stored and used to influence your game
  • Npc Conversation system
  • Player chat system
  • State of the art compression routines, make the game load as quickly as possible

Recent Updates

  • 3rd Nov - Added range check to projectile combat
  • 2nd Nov - Fixed some obscure route finding problems
  • 2nd Nov - Diagonal doors now work properly
  • 2nd Nov - Gates now work properly
  • 2nd Nov - Non-square locations can now be rotated in the editor.
  • 1st Nov - Improved camera motion
  • 31st Oct - Adjusted mouse button assignments
  • 31st Oct - Projectile combat now works.
  • 27th Oct - Added cupboards, gates, signposts, sacks, bookcases etc...
  • 27th Oct - Added new rat monster
  • 26th Oct - Added in skill advancement
  • 26th Oct - Improved combat, can now choose from 4 fighting modes
  • 25th Oct - Injured monsters will now run away
  • 25th Oct - Aggressive monsters now attack when you approach
  • 25th Oct - Big AI improvements. Npcs now have 5 different behaviour modes
  • 25th Oct - Fixed trading mode bug, walking around now exits the trade.