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This official news post is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It was added on 2 December 2000 but has been removed.

Coming soon from Jagex Software! Runescape, our massive multiplayer adventure. Trade and communicate with other players. Learn skills to earn money, or if you're brave attempt to find riches in the dungeons. Your character will continue to evolve and improve the more you play, with quests to complete for extra rewards. Choose good or evil the choice is entirely yours!

Recent Updates

  • 1st Dec - New Quest: Romeo+Juliet Quest (thanks rab!)
  • 1st Dec - Wrote improved quest verifier and fixed a few mistakes
  • 1st Dec - Fixed bug in quest compiling code
  • 1st Dec - Fixed vanishing doors bug
  • 30th Nov - Added new spell: Camoflauge
  • 30th Nov - Added new spell: Shock bolt
  • 30th Nov - Added new spell: Burst of strength
  • 30th Nov - Added new spell: Chill bolt
  • 30th Nov - Modified stats now slowly regenerate towards normal levels
  • 30th Nov - Added new spell: Confuse
  • 29th Nov - Added new spell: Thick skin
  • 29th Nov - Added 5 new script commands for controlling player stats
  • 28th Nov - Added new location: Ruined village
  • 28th Nov - Added support for recoloured objects
  • 28th Nov - Fixed several minor bugs
  • 28th Nov - Actions now give instant colour coded feedback :-)
  • 28th Nov - Fixed occasional misread mouse clicks problem
  • 28th Nov - Client now adjusts move speed to stay better synced with server
  • 28th Nov - Game now loads more quickly and reliably