Update:4th Runescape server online

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This official news post is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It was added on 25 May 2001 but has been removed.

The 4th runescape server is now online! (this means we now have 3 game servers, and 1 web server). It has now been fully connected so you can use it with both the windows and online versions of the game I have also modifed the game to prevent people from logging in multiple players at once from the same machine, because doing so is against the rules! If you have problems with the system seeing your home-network as a single machine, then try using the window client which is better at detecting your network configuration.

Update: Even if you can't use the windows client then up to 3 people on the same home-network can still play at once, as long as each player uses a different server.