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Unobtainable items are items which have usually been found only in the game's internal data files, and are not actually obtainable in the game.

These items cannot be obtained through normal means, but could possibly be obtained by the player if a Jagex moderators spawned them. It's possible to make these items appear in the player's inventory by editing the client's memory, however, they will not truly exist from the perspective of the server. Due to this, interaction like activating the item's command (such as eat for special curry) will not have an effect. The only exception is the item's examine, since the information resides in the client. Items that appear via editing the client's memory will disappear from the player's inventory once they have logged out.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The burnt pitta bread is a very curious unobtainable in that people thought that they were always just lucky when cooking their pitta breads to not burn it. It was found out sometime later and confirmed that in fact it could never be obtained.
    • Similar reasoning was found to also be applied to the burnt oomlie meat parcel.
  • Fluffs is a special case, in that she actually spawns in the game and has interactions with the player, but the player can never obtain the item, holding the cat in their inventory.

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