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An Uncut sapphire is a raw gem that is used in the Crafting skill. At level 20 Crafting using a chisel on an Uncut Sapphire gives 50 Crafting experience and a Sapphire. Sapphires can then be used to create sapphire jewellery. Sometimes a casket can contain an uncut sapphire. Uncut sapphires may also be obtained whilst mining, chances to obtain one will improve when wearing an enchanted and charged Dragonstone Amulet. More efficient ways of obtaining them are through killing monsters, or mining gem rocks at Shilo Village after completion of the Shilo Village quest.

Products[edit | edit source]

Sapphire.png sapphire

Dropped by[edit | edit source]

Bandit291Rare (~1/256)
Barbarian161Rare (~1/512)
Black Demon156; 1751Uncommon (~1/99.3)
Black Dragon2001Rare (~1/154.57)
Black Heather391Rare (~1/256)
Black Knight461Rare (~1/170.67)
Blue Dragon1051Rare (~1/102.4)
Casket1Common (~1/4)
Chaos Druid warrior441Rare (~1/512)
Chaos Druid191Rare (~1/512)
Chaos Dwarf591Rare (~1/170.67)
Donny the lad391Rare (~1/256)
Dwarf181Rare (~1/512)
Earth warrior521Rare (~1/256)
Fire Giant1091Rare (~1/162.22)
Gem drop table1Common (~1/4)
Giant371Rare (~1/170.67)
Greater Demon871Rare (~1/102.4)
Gunthor the Brave371Rare (~1/512)
Hobgoblin32; 481Rare (~1/256)
Ice Giant681Rare (~1/128)
Ice queen1031Rare (~1/170.67)
Ice warrior571Rare (~1/170.67)
Jailer511Rare (~1/170.67)
Jogre581Rare (~1/512)
King Black Dragon2451Rare (~1/157.54)
Lesser Demon791Rare (~1/128)
Lord Darquarius761Rare (~1/170.67)
Moss Giant621Rare (~1/128)
Mountain Dwarf18; 281Rare (~1/512)
Otherworldly being661Rare (~1/170.67)
Paladin711Rare (~1/256)
Pirate27; 301Rare (~1/512)
Rare drop table1Uncommon (~1/25.6)
Red Dragon1401Rare (~1/102.4)
Renegade knight511Rare (~1/170.67)
Salarin the twisted691Rare (~1/512)
Shadow Warrior641Uncommon (~1/64)
Skeleton21; 25; 31; 541Rare (~1/512)
Speedy Keith391Rare (~1/256)
Thug181Rare (~1/512)
Tribesman391Rare (~1/256)
White Knight561Rare (~1/512)
Zombie19; 24; 321Rare (~1/512)

Store locations[edit | edit source]

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sold at
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Herquin's GemsWestern Falador1Coins.png 25Coins.png 17Free-to-play icon.png
Al Kharid gem stallAl Kharid1Coins.png 25Coins.png 17Free-to-play icon.png