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Trawler catch is a scenery object located on the end of the pier near the Fishing trawler in Port Khazard. Searching the catch will result in the player getting a bubble of a Net over their head as well as the following rewards depending on the player's fishing level and how well their trawler trip went.

Net bubble

Rewards[edit | edit source]

You can only get fish that correspond to your fishing level. You will get full XP for any fish you catch on the trawler. You get your XP not upon completion of the trip but as you take in your haul from the net. If your inventory is full, your items will be dropped on the ground.

Note: It is possible to catch any fish up to 3 levels higher than your fishing level by taking a sip of fishing potion before checking the nets.

Catch Fishing
Level Experience
Raw Shrimp.png Raw Shrimp 1 10
Raw Sardine.png Raw Sardine 5 20
Raw Anchovies.png Raw Anchovies 15 40
Raw Tuna.png Raw Tuna 30 80
Raw Lobster.png Raw Lobster 40 90
Raw Swordfish.png Raw Swordfish 50 100
Raw Shark.png Raw Shark 76 110
Raw Sea turtle.png Raw Sea turtle 79 95
Raw Manta ray.png Raw Manta ray 81 115

Junk:[edit | edit source]

Junk can be caught at any level. All of these items are considered useless items

Item Experience
Buttons.png Buttons 1.25
Broken arrow.png Broken arrow 1.25
Broken staff.png Broken staff 1.25
Ceramic remains.png Ceramic remains 1.25
Old boot.png Old boot 1.25
Rusty sword.png Rusty sword 1.25
Broken glass.png Broken glass 1.25
Damaged armour.png Damaged armour 1.25

Many of these items can only otherwise be found in strange barrels or digging at the Digsite

Other:[edit | edit source]

Item Experience
Edible seaweed.png Edible seaweed[1] 5
Oyster.png Oyster[2] 10
  1. Heals 4 hits when eaten.
  2. Oysters have a chance to contain oyster pearls which can be used with a chisel to make oyster pearl bolt tips, which are used to make oyster pearl bolts.