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Transportation includes all of methods which can be utilized by the player to get around Gielinor in RuneScape Classic.

On foot[edit | edit source]


The most basic method of moving is walking. This effectively makes the walking speed a constant one game square per 0.6 seconds (a tick).

It is possible to sleep using Sleeping Bag while walking. The method can be used to train skills and do other activities more efficiently. However usually the mechanics in RuneScape Classic is only allow the play to walk during movement. Spells cannot be cast, food and potions cannot be consumed, items cannot be dropped, and other limitations occur.

By air[edit | edit source]

Gnome Gliders can be used to fly between locations
Main article: Glider

Gliders can be used to travel by players who have completed The Grand Tree quest. The hub is located in The Grand Tree and other Gnome pilots will take you there.

Location Return possible?
The Grand Tree Yes, it's the hub
Al Kharid Yes
Karamja (Ship yard) Yes
White Wolf Mountain Yes
Varrock (in the field west of the digsite) No, the flight crashes

By carts[edit | edit source]

By shortcuts[edit | edit source]

Main article: Agility

By teleportation[edit | edit source]

Magic Portal allows instant teleportation from the Wizards' Guild to different towers
Player teleporting to Camelot
Main article: Teleportation

By water[edit | edit source]

Various ships can provide rides between ports, some are free while others have a cost

Ship location Destination Fee Notes
Port Sarim Entrana Free Works both ways
Port Sarim Musa Point 30 GP Works both ways
Port Sarim (Lumbridge Lady) Crandor See Dragon Slayer See Dragon Slayer
East Ardougne Brimhaven 30 GP Works both ways
The Lady of the Waves, south of Cairn Isle Port Sarim or Port Khazard Ship Ticket One-way
Port Khazard, Fishing Trawler ship It is possible to fail the minigame and end up in a crash site at the sea Free To get back there is a barrel which returns the player right behind the Fishing Trawler General Store
Lady Valentine, Docky's ship in Port Khazard Brimhaven 30 GP One-way
Catherby Keep LeFaye Free During Merlin's Crystal; another player is required for distraction to enter the ship

Other[edit | edit source]