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Introduction - "This book is your guide to the vibrant city of Ardougne. Ardougne is known as an exciting modern city. Located on the sunny south coast of Kandarin."

Ardougne city of shopping - "Come sample the delights of the Ardougne market. The biggest in the known world. From spices to silk. There is something here for everyone. Other popular shops in the area include Zeneshas the armourer. And the adventurers supply shop."

Ardougne city of history - "Ardougne is an important historical city. One historic building is the magnificent Handelmort Mansion. Currently owned by Lord Franis Bradley Handelmort. Ardougne castle in the east side of the city is now open to the public and members of the holy order of ardougne paladins still wander the streets."

Ardougne city of fun - "If you're looking for entertainment in Ardougne, why not pay a visit to the Ardougne City Zoo? Or relax with a drink in the flying horse inn, or slaughter rats in Ardougne sewers."

The area surrounding Ardougne - "If you want to go further afield, why not have a look at the pillars of Zanash. The mysterious marble pillars west of the city. Or the town of Brimhaven, on exotic Karamja is only a short boat ride away. Ships leaving regularily from Ardougne harbour"