Dialogue for Rashiliyia

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During Shilo Village quest[edit | edit source]

Player drops Remains[edit | edit source]

The remains of Rashiliyia look quite delicate.
You sense that a spirit needs to be put to rest.
Are you sure that you want to drop the remains ?[sic]
Yes, I am sure.
You drop Rashiliyias remains on the ground.
The bones turn to dust and forms into the shape of a human figure.
The figure turns to you and you hear a cackling, croaky voice on the air.
Rashiliyia: Many thanks for releasing me!
Rashiliyia: Please excuse me, I must attend to my plans!
The figure turns and soars away quickly disapearing[sic] into the distance.

Player places the remains on the Dolmen[edit | edit source]

  • (You carefully place Rashiliyia's remains on the Dolmen.)
  • (You feel a strange vibration in the air.)
  • Rashiliyia: You have my gratitude for releasing my spirit.
  • Rashiliyia: I have suffered a vengeful and evil existence.
  • Rashiliyia: I was tricked by Zamorak. He returned my son to me as an undead Creature.
  • Rashiliyia: My hatred and bitterness corrupted me.
  • Rashiliyia: I tried too destroy all life...now I am released.
  • Rashiliyia: And am grateful to contemplate eternal rest...
  • (Without warning the spirit of Rashiliyia disapears.)
  • (Well Done!)
  • (You have completed the Shilo Village Quest.)
  • (You gain some experience in crafting.)
  • (You haved[sic] gained 2 quest points!)
  • (You just advanced X crafting level!)