Dialogue for Pirate

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Pirate[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello

Pirate may reply with one of the following

  • Pirate: I'm the scourge of the seven seas
  • Pirate: Arrh, I be in search of buried treasure
  • Pirate: Arrrh ye lily livered landlubber
  • Pirate: Ahoy there
  • Pirate: Arrh
  • Pirate: Yo ho ho me hearties
  • Pirate: Splice the mainbrace
  • Pirate: Avast me hearties
  • Pirate: Arrh I'll keel haul ye
  • Pirate: shiver me timbers
  • Pirate: Arrh be off with ye
  • Pirate: Yo ho ho and bottle of alchopop
  • Pirate: Arrh ye scury sea dog
  • Pirate: Batton down the hatches there's a storm a brewin
  • Pirate: A pox on ye
  • Pirate: Yo ho ho and a bottle of a rum
  • Pirate: 3 days at port for resupply then out on the high sea
  • Pirate: Keel haul them I say
  • Pirate: Avast behind
  • Pirate: I think ye'll be taking a long walk off a short plank
    • Pirate initiates combat
  • Pirate: Good day to you my dear sir
  • Pirate: Great blackbeard's beard
  • Pirate: Arrh arrh
  • Pirate: Man overboard
  • Pirate: avast behind
    • Player: I'm not that fat