Transcript of Lord hazeel

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Lord hazeel[edit | edit source]

  • (suddenly a shrill scream comes from the coffin of hazeel)
  • (A shadowy figure appears)
  • (the cult begin to chant)
  • Lord hazeel: my followers i[sic] am proud of you all
  • Lord hazeel: I never expected to retun[sic] to these lands
  • Lord hazeel: I can see I have much to attend to
  • Lord hazeel: In due time you will all be rewarded for your part
  • Lord hazeel: brave adventurer, i[sic] believe your contribution was the most critical
  • Lord hazeel: i[sic] owe you much, you may not be a follower of the great zamorak
  • Lord hazeel: but you understand injustice and anger
  • Lord hazeel: for this I certainly shall call upon your help in the future
  • Lord hazeel: my people gain strength day to day
  • Lord hazeel: you would be wise to join us while you can
  • Player: I fight for myself
  • Lord hazeel: hmm, fair enough for now
  • Lord hazeel: I shall reward you with money
  • Lord hazeel: But your reward of Zamorak's approval is far greater
  • (Hazeel gives you some coins)
  • (You haved[sic] gained 1 quest point!)
  • (You just advanced X thieving level!)
  • (you have completed the hazeel cult quest)
  • Lord hazeel: now i[sic] must leave you
  • Lord hazeel: i[sic] have much business to attend to with my brothers in the north
  • Lord hazeel: i[sic] will see you all again but be aware
  • Lord hazeel: soon much blood will be spilt[sic] over runescape