Dialogue for Lollk

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Before Dwarf Cannon quest[edit | edit source]

(Inaccessible because the crates will all be empty before the quest.)

During Dwarf Cannon quest[edit | edit source]

  • you search the crate
  • inside you see a dwarf child tied up
  • you untie the child
  • lollk: thank the heavens, you saved me
  • lollk: i[sic] thought i'd[sic] be goblin lunch for sure
  • Player: are you ok?
  • lollk: i[sic] think so, i'd[sic] better run of home
  • Player: that's right ,[sic] you get going, i'll[sic] catch up
  • lollk: thanks again brave adventurer
  • the dwarf child runs off into the caverns

After Dwarf Cannon quest[edit | edit source]

Missing dialogue