Dialogue for Lady servil

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Starting Fight Arena quest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hi there, looks like you're in some trouble
  • Lady servil: oh, i[sic] wish this broken cart was my only problem
  • Lady servil: sob.. i've[sic] got to find my family.. sob
    • I hope you can, good luck
      • Player: I hope you can, good luck
      • Lady servil: sob..sob
    • can[sic] i[sic] help you?
      • Player: can[sic] i[sic] help you?
      • Lady servil: sob.. would you? please?
      • Lady servil: i'm[sic] Lady Servil, my husband's Sir Servil
      • Lady servil: we were travelling[sic] north with my son
      • Lady servil: when we were ambushed by general Khazard's men
      • Player: general Khazard? i[sic] haven't heard of him
      • Lady servil: he's been after me ever since i[sic]
      • Lady servil: declined his hand in marriage
      • Lady servil: now he's kidnapped my husband and son
      • Lady servil: to fight slaves in his
      • Lady servil: battle arena, to the south of here
      • Lady servil: i[sic] hate to think what he'll do to them
      • Lady servil: he's a sick, twisted man
      • Player: I'll try my best to return your family
      • Lady servil: please do, i'm[sic] a wealthy woman
      • Lady servil: and can reward you handsomely
      • Lady servil: i'll[sic] be waiting for you here
      • (Quest start)

During Fight Arena quest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello Lady Servil
  • Lady servil: Brave traveller,[sic] please..bring[sic] back my family

After saving just her son[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Lady Servil, i've freed your son
  • Player: but he has returned to the arena to try and help your husband
  • Lady servil: oh no, they won't stand a chance
  • Lady servil: please go back and help

After saving her family[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Lady Servil
  • Lady servil: you're alive, i[sic] thought Khazard's men took you
  • Lady servil: My son and husband are safe and recovering at home
  • Lady servil: without you they would certainly be dead
  • Lady servil: I am truly grateful for your service
  • Lady servil: all i can offer in return is material wealth
  • Lady servil: please take these coins and enjoy
  • (you have completed the fight arena quest)
  • (Lady Servil gives you 1000 gold coins)
  • (you gain two quest points)
  • (You haved[sic] gained 2 quest points!)
  • (You just advanced X attack level!)
  • (You just advanced Y thieving level!)

After Fight Arena quest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello lady Servil
  • Lady servil: oh hello my dear
  • Lady servil: my husband and son are resting
  • Lady servil: while i[sic] wait for the cart fixer
  • Player: hope he's not too long
  • Lady servil: thanks again for everything