Dialogue for Kent

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During Sea Slug quest[edit | edit source]

First time talking to him on the island[edit | edit source]

  • kent: oh thank Saradomin
  • kent: i[sic] thought i[sic] would be left out here forever
  • Player: your wife sent me out to find you and your boy
  • Player: kennith's[sic] fine he's on the platform
  • kent: i[sic] knew the row boat wasn't sea worthy
  • kent: i[sic] couldn't risk bringing him along but you must get him of that platform
  • Player: what's going on on there?
  • kent: five days ago we pulled in huge catch
  • kent: as well as fish we caught small slug like sea creatures, hundreds of them
  • kent: that's when the fishermen began to act strange
  • kent: it was the sea slugs, they attach themselves to your body
  • kent: and somehow take over the mind of the carrier
  • kent: i[sic] told Kennith to hide until i[sic] returned but i[sic] was washed up here
  • kent: please go back and get my boy
  • kent: you can send help for me later
  • kent: traveler wait!
  • kent reaches behind your neck
  • slooop
  • he pulls a sea slug from under your top
  • kent: a few more minutes and that thing would have full control you body
  • Player: yuck..thanks kent

Talking to him again[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello
  • kent: oh my
  • kent: i[sic] must get back to shore