Dialogue for Kennith

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During Sea Slug quest[edit | edit source]

First time speaking to him[edit | edit source]

  • Player: are you okay young one?
  • kennith: no i[sic] want my daddy
  • Player: Where is your father?
  • kennith: he went to get help days ago
  • kennith: the nasty fisher men tried to throw me and daddy into the sea
  • kennith: so he told me to hide in here
  • Player: that's good advice
  • Player: you stay here and i'll[sic] go try and find your father

Talking to him again[edit | edit source]

  • Player: are you okay?
  • kennith: i[sic] want to see daddy
  • Player: i'm[sic] working on it

After having spoken with Kent[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello kennith
  • Player: are you okay?
  • kennith: no i[sic] want my daddy
  • Player: you'll be able to see him soon
  • Player: first we need to get you back to land
  • Player: come with me to the boat
  • kennith: no
  • Player: what, why not?
  • kennith: i'm[sic] scared of those nasty sea slugs
  • kennith: i[sic] won't go near them
  • Player: okay, you wait here and i'll[sic] figure another way to get you out

After having made the opening with the panel[edit | edit source]

  • Player: kennith i've[sic] made an opening in the wall
  • Player: you can come out there
  • kennith: are their any sea slugs on the other side?
  • Player: not one
  • kennith: how will i[sic] get down stairs
  • Player: i'll[sic] figure that out in a moment
  • kennith: okay, when you have i'll[sic] come out

Operating the Fishing crane[edit | edit source]

  • you rotate the crane around
  • to the far platform
  • Player: jump on kennith!
  • kennith comes out through the broken panal[sic]
  • he climbs onto the fishing net
  • you rotate the crane back around
  • and lower kennith to the row boat waiting below

After Sea Slug quest[edit | edit source]

  • He doesn't seem interested in talking