Dialogue for Kamen

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During and after Underground Pass quest[edit | edit source]

  • (the dwarf is leaning on a barrel of home made brew)
  • (he looks a little drunk)
  • Player: hi there, you ok?
  • Kamen: ooooh, my head ...im[sic] gone
  • Player: what's wrong?
  • Kamen: to much of this home brew my friend
  • Kamen: we make from plant roots
  • Kamen: but it blows your head off
  • Kamen: you don't wanna put it near any naked flames
  • Kamen: want some?
    • ok then
      • Player: ok then
      • Kamen: here you go
      • (you take a sip of brew from kamens glass)
      • Player: aaarrgghh
      • (it tastse[sic] horrific and burns your throat)
      • Kamen: ha ha
      • Kamen: i[sic] warned you that it's strong stuff
    • no thanks
      • Player: no thanks
      • Kamen: your losh[sic]