Dialogue for Iban

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Whispers during the quest[edit | edit source]

join us...join us...embrace the mysery

iban will save you....he'll save us all

I see you adventurer...you can't hide

Death is only the beginning

Come taste the pleasure of evil

After reading the adventurer diary[edit | edit source]

Your greatness lies within you, but only Zamorak can unlock your potential..

{only once}

Upon entering his lair in Underground Pass[edit | edit source]

  • (you pull open the large doors)
  • (and walk into the temple)
  • (Iban seems to sense danger)
  • Iban: who dares bring the witches magic into my temple
  • (his eyes fixate on you as he raises his arm)
  • Iban: an imposter dares desecrate this sacred place..[sic]
  • Iban: ..home to the only true child of zamorak[sic]
  • Iban: join the damned, mortal
  • (iban raises his staff to the air)
  • (a blast of energy comes from ibans[sic] staff)
  • (you are hit by ibans[sic] magic bolt)
  • Player: aarrgh
  • Iban: die foolish mortal
  • (you're blasted back to the door)

If player takes too long[edit | edit source]

  • (you're blasted out of the temple)
  • Iban: and stay out

Upon throwing Iban's doll into the well[edit | edit source]

  • (you throw the doll of iban into the pit)
  • Iban: what's happening?, it's dark here... so dark
  • Iban: im[sic] falling into the dark, what have you done?
  • (ibans falls to his knees clutching his throat)
  • Iban: noooooooo!
  • (iban slumps motionless to the floor)
  • (a roar comes from the pit of the damned)
  • (the infamous iban has finally gone to rest)
  • (amongst ibans remains you find his staff..)
  • (...and some runes)
  • (suddently[sic] around you rocks crash to the floor..[sic])
  • (..as the ground begins to shake)
  • (the temple walls begin to collapse in)
  • (and you're thrown from the temple platform)