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hengrad[edit | edit source]

During Fight Arena Quest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Are you ok stranger?
  • hengrad: I'm fine thanks, my name's Hengrad
  • hengrad: So khazard got his hands on you too?
  • Player: I'm afraid so
  • hengrad: If you're lucky you may last as long as me
  • Player: How long have you been here?
  • hengrad: I've been in khazard's prisons ever since i[sic] can remember
  • hengrad: I was a child when his men kidnapped me
  • hengrad: My whole life has been spent killing and fighting
  • hengrad: All in the hope that one day I'll escape
  • Player: Don't give up
  • hengrad: Thanks friend..wait..sshh,the guard is coming[sic]
  • hengrad: He'll be taking one of us to the arena
  • (A guard approaches the cell)
  • hengrad: Looks like it's you,good luck friend