Dialogue for Guildmaster

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Guildmaster[edit | edit source]

Under 32 quest points[edit | edit source]

  • Guildmaster: You have not proven yourself worthy to enter here yet
  • (The door won't open - you need at least 32 quest points)

32 quest points[edit | edit source]

NOTE: After completing the Dragon Slayer quest there are no longer dialogue options and the first set of dialogue below is said without any prompts to the player.

What is this place?

  • Player: What is this place?
  • Guildmaster: This is the champion's guild
  • Guildmaster: Only Adventurers who have proved themselves worthy
  • Guildmaster: by gaining influence from quests are allowed in here
  • (note the above line may not be present under certain questing path progress)
  • Guildmaster: As the number of quests in the world rises
  • Guildmaster: So will the requirements to get in here
  • Guildmaster: But so will the rewards

Do you know where I could get a rune plate mail body?

  • Player: Do you know where I could get a rune plate mail body?
  • Guildmaster: I have a friend called Oziach who lives by the cliffs
  • Guildmaster: He has a supply of rune plate mail
  • Guildmaster: He may sell you some if you're lucky, he can be a little strange though