Transcript of Greldo

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Greldo, during Black Knights' Fortress (quest)[edit | edit source]

(Note: Shares a conversation between the Black Knight and the Witch. This conversation can only be heard once in the grill)

  • Black Knight: So how's the secret weapon coming along?
  • Witch: The invincibility potion is almost ready
  • Witch: It's taken me five years but it's almost ready
  • Witch: Greldo the Goblin here
  • Witch: Is just going to fetch the last ingredient for me
  • Witch: It's a specially grown cabbage
  • Witch: Grown by my cousin Helda who lives in Draynor Manor
  • Witch: The soil there is slightly magical
  • Witch: And it gives the cabbages slight magic properties
  • Witch: Not to mention the trees
  • Witch: Now remember Greldo only a Draynor Manor cabbage will do
  • Witch: Don't get lazy and bring any old cabbage
  • Witch: That would entirely wreck the potion
  • Greldo: Yeth Mithreth