Transcript of Gnome guard

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Gnome guard[edit | edit source]

When player first trys to enter through the gate[edit | edit source]

I assume there is dial MISSING DIAL here

While player has a warrant out for their arrest during Grand tree (quest) and they try and open the Gnome stronghold gate to leave[edit | edit source]

  • Gnome guard: halt human
  • Player: what?,[sic] why?
  • Gnome guard: from order of the head tree guardian...
  • Gnome guard: cannot leave
  • Player: that's crazy, why?
  • Gnome guard: humans are planning to attack our stronghold
  • Gnome guard: you could be a spy
  • Player: that's ridiculous
  • Gnome guard: maybe, but that's the orders, I'm sorry
  • (the gnome refuses to open the gate)

After player has gotten invoice from the Shipyard foreman[edit | edit source]

  • Gnome guard: i'm[sic] afraid that we have orders not to let you in
  • Player: orders from who?
  • Gnome guard: the head tree guardian, he say's you're a spy
  • Player: glough!
  • Gnome guard: i'm[sic] sorry but you'll have to leave