Transcript of Gloughs journal

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The migration failed

After spending half a century hiding underground you would think
that the great migration would have improved life on runescape
for tree gnome. However, rather than the great liberation
promised to us by king Healthorg at the end of the last age, we
have been forced to live in hiding ,up trees or in the gnome maze,
laughed at and mocked by man. Living in constant fear of human
aggression, we are in a no better situation now then when we
lived in the caves

Change must come soon
They must be stopped

Today I heard of three more gnomes slain by Khazard's human
troops for fun, I cannot control my anger

Humanity seems to have aquired a level of arrogance
comparable to that of zamorak, killing and pillaging at will. We
are small and at heart not warriors, but something must be done,
we will pick up arms and go forth into the human world. We will
defend ourselves and we will pursue justice for all gnomes who
fell at the hands of humans
gaining support

Some of the local gnomes seem strangly deluded about humans,
many actually believe that humans are not all naturally evil but
instead vary from person to person

This sort of talk could be the end for the tree gnomes and i must
continue to convince my fellow gnome folk the cold truth about
these human creatures, how they will not stop until all gnome
life is destroyed - unless we can destroy them first

* All errors in the text above appear as in the game