Transcript of General Khazard

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General Khazard[edit | edit source]

After saving Justin Servil[edit | edit source]

  • General Khazard: Haha, well done, well done that was rather entertaining
  • General Khazard: I'm the great General Khazard
  • General Khazard: And the two men you just saved are my property
  • Player: They belong to no one
  • General Khazard: I suppose we could find some arrangement
  • General Khazard: for their freedom... hmmmm
  • Player: What do you mean?
  • General Khazard: I'll let them go but you must stay and fight for me
  • General Khazard: You'll make me double the gold if you manage to last a few fights
  • General Khazard: Guards! take him away!
  • (Khazard's men have locked you in a cell)
  • [Player lands in the cell of Hengrad]

After entering the Fight Arena again[edit | edit source]

  • General Khazard: Not bad, not bad at all
  • General Khazard: I think you need a tougher challenge
  • General Khazard: Time for my puppy
  • General Khazard: Guards, guards bring on bouncer

After player kills Bouncer[edit | edit source]

  • General Khazard: nooooo! bouncer, how dare you?
  • General Khazard: you've taken the life of my only friend!
  • (Khazard looks very angry)
  • General Khazard: now you'll suffer traveller, prepare to meet your maker
  • (No, he doesn't look happy at all)
  • (You might want to run for it)
  • (Go back to lady servil to claim your reward)
  • (You are under attack!)
  • (You kill general khazard)
  • (but he shall return)

Player retreating from General Khazard and talking to him again[edit | edit source]

  • Player: i[sic] thought i[sic] was rid of you
  • General Khazard: you might not believe it young one
  • General Khazard: but you can't kill what's already dead
  • General Khazard: die, foul smelling creature
  • (You are under attack!)