Transcript of Citizen (angry)

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Citizen[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello there
  • Citizen: Go away
  • Citizen: People from the outside shut us in like animals
  • Citizen: I have nothing to say to you

Player talks to the Recruiter[edit | edit source]

  • Recruiter: Citizens of West Ardougne
  • Recruiter: who will join the Royal army of Ardougne?
  • Recruiter: It is a very noble cause
  • Recruiter: Fight alongside king Tyras
  • Recruiter: Crusading in the darklands of the west
  • Citizen (tired): Go away - we don't support your army
  • Citizen (frustrated): Plaguebringer!
  • Citizen (angry): King Tyras is scum
  • Recruiter: Tyras will be informed of these words of treason
  • (Someone throws a tomato at the recruiter)