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Charlie[edit | edit source]

Before and after the quest[edit | edit source]

  • (the prisoner is in no need to talk)

During the quest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: tell me,why[sic] would you want to kill the grand tree?
  • charlie: what do you mean?
  • Player: don't tell me, you just happened to be caught carrying daconia rocks!
  • charlie: all i[sic] know, is that i[sic] did what i[sic] was asked
  • Player: i[sic] don't understand?
  • charlie: glough paid me to go see this gnome on a hill
  • charlie: i[sic] gave the gnome a letter glough gave me
  • charlie: and he gave me some rocks to give glough
  • charlie: i've[sic] been doing it for weeks, it's just this time..
  • charlie: ...when i[sic] returned glough locked me up here
  • charlie: i[sic] just don't understand it
  • Player: sounds like glough's hiding something
  • charlie: i[sic] don't know what he's up to
  • charlie: but if you want to find out...
  • charlie: better search his home
  • Player: ok, thanks charlie
  • charlie: good luck

Talking to him again[edit | edit source]

  • Player: hello charlie
  • charlie: hello adventurer, have you figured out what's going on?
  • Player: no idea
  • charlie: to get to the bottom of this you'll need to search glough's home

When you are thrown in jail[edit | edit source]

  • charlie: so, they've got you as well
  • Player: it's glough, he's trying to cover something up
  • charlie: i[sic] shouldn't tell you this adventurer
  • charlie: but if you want to get to the bottom of this
  • charlie: you should go and talk to the karamja foreman
  • Player: why?
  • charlie: glough sent me to karamja to meet him
  • charlie: i[sic] delivered a large amount of gold
  • charlie: for what i[sic] do not know
  • charlie: but he may be able to tell you what glough's up to
  • charlie: that's if you can get out of here
  • charlie: you'll find him in a ship yard south of birmhaven[sic]
  • charlie: be careful, if he discovers that you're not...
  • charlie: ...working for glough there'll[sic] be trouble
  • charlie: the sea men use the pass word ka-lu-min
  • Player: thanks charlie

After being released from jail[edit | edit source]

  • Player: i[sic] can't figure this out charlie
  • charlie: go and see a forman[sic] in west karamja
  • charlie: there's a shipyard there,you might find some clues
  • charlie: don't forget the password's ka-lu-min
  • charlie: if they realise[sic] that you're not working for glough...
  • charlie: ...there'll[sic] be trouble

After player gets the invoice from Shipyard foreman[edit | edit source]

  • Player: how are you doing charlie
  • charlie: i've[sic] been better
  • Player: glough has some plan to rule runescape
  • charlie: i[sic] wouldn't put it past him, the gnome's crazy
  • Player: i[sic] need some proof to convince the king
  • charlie: hmmm, you could be in luck
  • charlie: before glough had me locked up i[sic] heard him mention..
  • charlie: ..that he'd left his chest lock keys at his girlfriends
  • Player: where does she live?
  • charlie: just west of the toad swamp
  • Player: okay, i'll[sic] see what i[sic] can find