Dialogue for Brother Kojo

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Brother Kojo[edit | edit source]

Before starting clock tower (regardless of player character's gender)[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello Monk
  • Brother Kojo: Hello traveller, I'm Brother Kojo
  • Brother Kojo: Do you know the time?
  • Player: No... Sorry
  • Brother Kojo: Oh dear, oh dear, I must fix the clock
  • Brother Kojo: The town people are becoming angry
  • Brother Kojo: Please could you help?
    • Ok old monk what can I do?
      • Player: Ok old monk what can I do?
      • Brother Kojo: Oh thank you kind sir
      • Brother Kojo: In the cellar below you'll find four cogs
      • Brother Kojo: They're too heavy for me, but you should
      • Brother Kojo: Be able to carry them one at a time
      • Brother Kojo: One goes on each floor
      • Brother Kojo: But I can't remember which goes where
      • Player: I'll do my best
      • Brother Kojo: Be careful, strange beasts dwell in the cellars
      • (Dialogue state changes- see After beginning the quest below)
    • Not now old monk
      • Player: Not now old monk
      • Brother Kojo: Ok then

During Clock Tower quest[edit | edit source]

After beginning the quest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello again
  • Brother Kojo: Oh hello, are you having trouble?
  • Brother Kojo: The cogs are in four rooms below us
  • Brother Kojo: Place one cog on a pole on each
  • Brother Kojo: Of the four tower levels
  • (Dialogue ends)

After completing the Clock Tower quest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello again Brother Kojo
  • Brother Kojo: Oh hello there traveller[sic]
  • Brother Kojo: You've done a grand job with the clock
  • Brother Kojo: It's just like new