Transcript of Bervirius Tomb Notes

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  • This scroll is a collection of writings..
  • Some of them are just scraps of papyrus with what looks like random scribblings.
  • Which would you like to read?
    • Tattered Yellow papyrus
...and rest like your mother who is silent in the peace of her
tomb far to the North of Ah Za Rhoon. Near the sea, and under
the hills deep in the underground to watch all of nature from the
darkness of her final resting place.
    • Decayed White papyrus
... Rashiliyia did so love objects of beauty. Her tomb was
adorned with crystals that glowed brightly when near to each
    • Crusty Orange papyrus
...the sphere is activated when power of a spiritual nature is
expended upon it, this can be very draining on the body...