Transcript of Astrology Book

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Selecting the read option on the the book:

At the start of the Fourth age, A learned man by the name of
Scorpius, known well for his powers of vision and magic, sought
communion with the gods of the wold. After many years of study
he developed a machine infused with magical power, that had
the ability to pierce into the very heavens itself, a huge eye that
gave the user sight like never before. As Time passed Scorpius
grew adept at his skill, and followed the star movements
themselves which he mapped and named, and are still used to
this very day. Before long Scorpius used his knowledge for
predicting the future and gaining dark knowledge. Years after his
death, the plans of Scorpius were uncovered at an ancient
Zamorakian worship site, and the heavenly eye was again
constructed. Since then many have learned the ways of the
Astrologer. Some claim his ghost still wanders ever seeking his
master Zamorak, and will grant those adept in the arts of the
Astrologer a blessing of power. Here ends the tale of how
Astrology entered the known world.