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Arrows old.gif The content in this article is historical. Arrows old.gif

It may not accurately reflect the last version of RS Classic.

Toplists were static HiScores listings that were created by Andrew Gower and distributed to players that had signed up to receiving newsletters. They showed the top 25 players in the distinct categories. Possible categories were:

  • Top 25 players - total of all skills
  • Top 25 fighters - average combat skill (initially was total of combat skills)
  • Top 25 player killers - number of kills (removed by June 2001)
  • Top 25 smiths - (initially when top25 miners wasn't present would be mining + smithing)
  • Top 25 miners
  • Top 25 cooks
  • Top 25 rangers
  • Top 25 magicians - (present after the new Magic system)
  • Top 25 clerics - (present after the new Magic system)
  • Top 25 crafters

Additionally on the April 2001 toplist, it was featured the following statistics:

  • 25 oldest players - time in minutes
  • Total accumulated playing time - time in minutes
  • Total accounts
  • Accounts advanced 5 levels or more
  • Accounts used for more than 1 hour
  • Average age of accounts over 1 hour - time in minutes