Throwing darts

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Throwing Darts are a type of ranged weapon. They were released with the Tourist Trap quest. The player unlocks the ability to make them during the quest. Throwing darts make a powerful stealth weapon, because when they are equipped, they are not visible, therefore other players in the Wilderness cannot see them. Unlike their counterpart throwing knives, they provide no bonuses in melee combat.

Dart tips may be made with the smithing skill. Using a metal bar on an anvil with a hammer in the player's inventory will yield 7 dart tips.

Using feathers on completed dart tips will produce throwing darts and 1 Fletching experience for each dart made, providing the player has an adequate fletching level. Twelve darts are made per click. These darts can then be poisoned by using weapon poison on them.

Type Ranged level Smithing level Smithing XP Fletching level
Bronze (p) (tips) 1 4 12.5 1
Iron (p) (tips) 1 19 25 22
Steel (p) (tips) 5 34 37.5 37
Mithril (p) (tips) 15 54 50 52
Adamantite (p) (tips) 25 74 62.5 67
Rune (p) (tips) 35 89 75 82