Thieving training

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Highest xp/hour (Levels 1 - 99+)[edit | edit source]

  1. Steal from Men until level 5 thieving.
  2. Steal cakes from Baker's Stalls in East Ardougne until level 25 Thieving.
  3. Pickpocket Warriors at the Ardougne Castle until level 32 Thieving.
  4. Pickpocket Rogues at the Rouge's House at the Northeast corner of the Wilderness until 65 Thieving. If you don't want to risk the wilderness, do guards at the Northwest corner of the Varrock Palace until 65.
  5. Pickpocket Knights until 80 Thieving. There are three knights on the east side of Ardougne that you can lure into a house using magic or ranged. Switch between them to reduce the number of times they die and thus the number of time you have to lure them. The higher your combat stats are, the slower knights will be for training. If your combat stats are too high, thieve from Watchmen instead.
  6. Pickpocket Watchmen until 85 Thieving.
  7. Pickpocket Paladins until 90 Thieving.
  8. Pickpocket Heroes until 99 Thieving. You must either have low Attack and Strength or 67 Agility to do them because there is only 1 Hero in the entire game so you must avoid killing him for the maximum xp per hour. If you have 67 Agility, you can get your Attack and Strength lowered to 0 by Salarin the Twisted in the Yanille Agility Dungeon. The Hero has a high chance of giving you wines as loot and you can in turn use those wines to both heal yourself and keep your attack at level 0.

XP Rates/Loots[edit | edit source]

  • As your thieving level increases, the xp rates increase for every NPC.
  • The "Starting xp/hr" is the experience per hour you gain at the level required to thieve the NPC.
  • The "Ending xp/hr" is the experience per hour you gain at the final level for which the NPC is still the best experience per hour.
  • For example, although the starting xp for Warriors is 15,000 xp/hr, once you hit level 31, that xp/hour increases to 20,000. Once you hit level 32, Rogues become the most efficient option at 25,000 xp/hr.
Name Required Thieving Level Location Approx xp/hr Possible Loots
Man 1 Various 3 coins
Bakers Stall 5 Ardougne 5,300 Cake
Rock Cake counter 15 Gu'tanoth 14,300 Rock cake
Warrior 25 Ardougne, Al Kharid Palace 20,000 18 coins
Rogue 32 Northeast corner of Wilderness 30,000
Guard 40 Second floor Varrock Castle 30,000 30 coins

(see tips above)

55 East Ardougne 50,000 50 coins
Watchman 65 Watchtower 60,000 60 coins + bread
Paladin 70 Second floor King Lathas' castle 40,000 80 coins + 1 Chaos-Rune
Gnome 75 Gnome Stronghold -
Hero 80 East Ardougne 60,000