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Changing text position with ~000~

It is possible in RuneScape Classic to chat in different colours using text effects. Each colour has a corresponding three-letter code. To type in a different colour, type @[email protected], replacing the x's with the three letter code. As soon as the code is typed, the cursor will change colour to confirm the change.

It is possible to change the font colour several times in the same message to create a message with several different colours. It is also possible to change the location of text. To do so, type ~xxx~, replacing the x's with any number from 000-999. This will reposition the text.

Colour Code
Red @[email protected]
Dark Red @[email protected]
Light Red @[email protected]
Orange @[email protected]
Light Orange @[email protected]
Dark Orange @[email protected]
Red-Orange @[email protected]
Yellow @[email protected]
Yellow-Green @[email protected]
Green @[email protected]
Light Green @[email protected]
Lime Green @[email protected]
Blue @[email protected]
Cyan @[email protected]
Magenta @[email protected]
Black @[email protected]
White @[email protected]
Random (flashes) @[email protected]