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It should be noted that the herb drop table itself is not necessarily common, and therefore may falsely represent how commonly they will drop X herb. Take Lesser Demons for example. Had I just used this template instead, someone (disregarding the fact that not many actually play Classic anymore) could have thought they are a viable way to obtain herbs, while in reality, entering the drop table itself may be 1:50 or lower, making Guam Leaf, the most common herb, rare. Rune Pickaxe.png Dark Behemoth talk Cape of legends.png 05:46, March 17, 2016 (UTC)

I agree, there should be a base rarity for the entire drop table. S (talk) 20:00, March 17, 2016 (UTC)

Rarities[edit source]

I've taken a look at the available data for herb drops, which is partially from BishopD's kills, and partially from available RSC+ replays (accounting for the two guam spawns in the Skavid caves).

That gives the following data (RSC+/BishopD):

  • Guam: 4150/1018
  • Marrentill: 3088/700
  • Tarromin: 2301/599
  • Harralander: 1830/424
  • Ranarr: 1409/340
  • Irit: 1033/255
  • Avantoe: 808/219
  • Kwuarm: 655/153
  • Cadantine: 520/133
  • Dwarf Weed: 368/92

The highest probability outcome here is 32/24/18/14/11/8/6/5/4/3 out of 125, which is conveniently the same as OSRS (see osrsw:Herb drop table) without the Lantadyme. This data is about 12 times more likely from the 125 denominator, than out of the 128 that one might guess. ʞooɔ 03:08, 3 May 2020 (UTC)