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Template documentation
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The RuneReq template displays a list of runes/items and numbers against them. Used for spells that give a list of amount of runes/items needed.


|Air = number of Air-runes
|Water = number of Water-runes
|Earth = number of Earth-runes
|Fire = number of Fire-runes
|Mind = number of Mind-runes
|Chaos = number of Chaos-runes
|Death = number of Death-runes
|Blood = number of Blood-runes
|Body = number of Body-runes
|Cosmic = number of Cosmic-runes
|Nature = number of Nature-runes
|Soul = number of Soul-runes
|Law = number of Law-runes
|Orb = number of Unpowered orbs


The following example:


Produces the following result: 1Earth 2Fire