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The Parse RS2 Hiscores template Extracts chosen skill levels, rank or experience from RuneScape 2 hiscore data found at:
http://hiscore.runescape.com/index_lite.ws?player=<username here>

Usage[edit source]

{{Parse RS2 Hiscores|RS2 hiscore data|skill name|value type}}

The skill name is the name of the skill to extract the information for. The skill name can be one of the following:

  • A standard still name, such as attack, ranged, etc.
  • overall - for overall skill rank, level and xp.
  • duel - for Duel Tournament rank and score.
  • bh - for Bounty Hunter rank and score.
  • bhr - for Bounty Hunter Rogue] rank and score.
  • fog - for Fist of Guthix rank and score.
  • ma - for Mobilising Armies rank and score.
  • baa - for Barbarian Assault|B.A. Attacker rank and score.
  • bad - for Barbarian Assault|B.A. Defender rank and score.
  • bac - for Barbarian Assault|B.A. Collector rank and score.
  • bah - for Barbarian Assault|B.A. Healer rank and score.
  • cw - for Castle Wars rank and score.

The value type is the type of value to extract.

  • 0 - for the skill or minigame rank.
  • 1 - for the skill level or minigame score (this is the default).
  • 2 - for the skill experience (does not apply to minigames).

Examples[edit source]

The following template call returns the overall level for this player using the user's hiscore data saved in the page [[User:126/RS2 Hiscores]]:

{{Parse RS2 Hiscores| {{User:126/RS2 Hiscores}} | overall}}

This would appear as:

The following example shows the number of experience points for this player's Woodcutting skill:

{{Parse RS2 Hiscores| {{User:126/RS2 Hiscores}} | woodcutting | 2}}

This would appear as:


The following example shows the Duel Tournament score for this player:

{{Parse RS2 Hiscores| {{User:126/RS2 Hiscores}} | duel | 1}}

The following example shows the Fist of Guthix rank for this player:

{{Parse RS2 Hiscores| {{User:126/RS2 Hiscores}} | fog | 0}}