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All the older news

September 15, 2018
The 4000th article, God letters:Issue 17 - Saradomin Speaks Once More has been added!
25 August, 2018
Shasta Sms becomes an Admin.
6 August, 2018
RuneScape Classic servers were shut down on 6 August 2018.
Thank you for the good times. ♥
25 May, 2018
RuneScape Classic servers will shut down on 6 August 2018. This is your last chance to play.
2 October, 2017
To play RuneScape Classic, visit the official world select page.
All you need is a RuneScape account with membership (pay-to-play) and the downloadable client. An RSC-enabled account is no longer necessary.
14 March, 2016
RuneScape Classic sign up window has been extended until the end of 2016. To play, visit the official RuneScape Classic page.
16 August, 2014
Are you talented at the graphic arts or good at making logos? We are currently looking for a new wiki icon and would love for you to submit your work! Please click here to upload your submission, the winner will be chosen at the end of September. Good luck!
7 June, 2013
The wiki's 2,500th article has been created!
September 15, 2011
RuneScape Classic enrollment is open for two weeks starting today! Join Classic here
August 18, 2011
The 1500th image, IngredientLocationsForCooksQuest.png, has been added to this wiki!
June 18, 2011
We have a twitter account now! Follow us at @RSC_Wiki!
October 3, 2010
We have redesigned our Front page and Community Portal page, how do you like it? Please tell us at our new Voting Box page.
July 3, 2010
The 1500th article, Staff of guthix has been added!
May 30, 2010
The 1000th article, Captain Lawgof has been added!
May 26,2010
Between 1 June and 15 June, RuneScape Classic will be temporarily reopened again. Read more>>>
May 1, 2010
The Spring Meeting, once again, has been postponed, for many reasons, and for one central key point of action. If we are to have a Spring Meeting now is uncertain, but, even if we do not, we still prosper from new editors coming from other wikis. If you would like to discuss this, do so on the Spring Meeting page.
April 10, 2010
The 900th article has been added to RSC Wikia.
April 10, 2010
The 800th article has been added to RSC Wikia.
April 9, 2010
The 700th article has been added to RSC Wikia. We are getting so close to 1000, keep it up!
March 12, 2010
The 500th article has been added to the RuneScape Classic Wiki.
March 9, 2010
DeviousMUD Wiki is in new ownership, and now the top editors are reconstructing it. If you would like to see it (still not complete) go to https://deviousmud.wikia.com and see for yourself!
March 7, 2010
Zorak Plorak is Sysopped by Ruudvan10000.
April 1, 2010
The Runescape Classic Wiki has recently discussed with Jagex and we came to an agreement to buy Runescape Classic from Jagex for 2,000,000 Swedish Krona (Kronor), but we don't have enough money! If you would like to donate, please go to our Donation Page.
March 5, 2010
Stelercus is Sysopped by Ruudvan10000.
February 7, 2010
The 100th item article is added to the RuneScape Classic Wiki.
February 5, 2010
The Runescape Classic Wiki now has 400 articles! We are starting to become a large, great, community, so keep it up and we will rise to the top!
January 19, 2010
The wiki is scheduling an edit meeting, to discuss large edits on this Wiki and to host certain events. If you would like to join, please ask on the forums.
January 1, 2010
Happy new year, RuneScape Classic Wikia-users!
December 2, 2009
Runescape Classic Wiki now has a Yew Grove! It is located in the forums and is used to post ideas for this wiki or this wiki's problems. Check It Out!
December 2, 2009
Runescape Classic Wiki now has 300 articles! We are growing into a great wiki, so keep it up!
November 26, 2009
Runescape Classic Wiki has now 200 articles! This has been made possible by everyone's contributions and from the amount of articles made on November 25!
November 25, 2009
Runescape Classic has now closed again to new accounts, Jagex will be temporarily re-opening the game for new accounts in approximately another 6 months time.
November 18, 2009
RuneScape Classic will close to new accounts in 1 week, players have until this time to create an account.
November 11, 2009
RuneScape Classic has been temporarily re-opened to new players, members can now sign into RuneScape Classic using their existing RuneScape account. After this time, players who signed up in the 2 week period will continue to be able to play.
April 22, 2009
The tenth article, Oak logs, is created!
April 19, 2009
The first article, RuneScape Classic, is created!