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Synopsis[edit source]

{{Infobox rock
|image          = An image of the rock.
|ore            = A link to the rock's ore.
|level          = The mining level required to mine the rock.
|xp             = The experience given from mining the rock.
|fatigue        = The fatigue given (a rounded percentage).
|respawn        = The time the rock takes to respawn. Usually in seconds/minutes/hours.
|examine        = The text printed when the rock is examined.

For example, writing the following:[edit source]

{{Infobox rock
|image          = [[File:Iron rock.png]]
|ore            = [[Iron ore]]
|level          = 99
|xp             = 120
|fatigue        = 0.1234%
|respawn        = 86.2 seconds
|examine        = A rocky outcrop

Results in the following:[edit source]

Infobox rock/doc
Iron rock.png

Ore Iron ore
Mining level 99
Experience received 120
Fatigue received 0.1234%
Respawn rate 86.2 seconds
Examine A rocky outcrop