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This is a documentation subpage for Template:DependencyList.
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original template page.
Template:DependencyList invokes function main in Module:DependencyList using Lua.

This template is meant to be used on module documentations.

{{DependencyList|<Module name>|category=<true/false>}}

All parameters are optional. If Module name is omitted the page name will be used instead; /doc is automatically removed.

If category is false then no categories will be added to the page, the default value is true.


{{DependencyList|Module:Infobox Monster}}

Module:Infobox Monster's function main is invoked by Template:Infobox Monster.
Module:Infobox Monster requires Module:Addcommas.
Module:Infobox Monster requires Module:Infobox.
Module:Infobox Monster requires Module:Mainonly.

{{DependencyList|Module:Skill calc}}

Module:Skill calc's function noValue is invoked by Calculator:Skill calculators/Template.


Module:Documentation's function doc is invoked by Template:Documentation.
Module:Documentation requires Module:DependencyList.
Module:Documentation requires Module:Yesno.