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Telescope is a scenery object located in the Observatory tower and repaired during the Observatory Quest. A lens is changed for it. Each player sees their own constellation when looking through the telescope. The constellation is chosen during the quest. Observatory Professor gives hints about the constellation when talked to.

Telescope (front).png

Constellations[edit | edit source]

Observatory Quest reward depends on the constellation observed:

Constellation Reward Image
Aquarius Water-Rune.png 25 water-runes
Constellation Aquarius.png
Aries Attack experience
Constellation Aries.png
Cancer Emerald Amulet of protection.png Emerald Amulet of Protection
Constellation Cancer.png
Capricorn Strength experience
Constellation Capricorn.png
Gemini Black 2-handed Sword.png Black 2-handed Sword
Constellation Gemini.png
Leo Hits experience
Constellation Leo.png
Libra Law-Rune.png 3 law-runes
Constellation Libra.png
Pisces Tuna.png 3 Tuna
Constellation Pisces.png
Sagittarius Maple Longbow.png Maple Longbow
Constellation Sagittarius.png
Scorpio Weapon poison.png Weapon Poison
Constellation Scorpio.png
Taurus Super strength Potion.png Super Strength Potion
Constellation Taurus.png
Virgo Defense experience
Constellation Virgo.png

In addition, all constellations give an Uncut sapphire.png uncut sapphire