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Teleportation is a very popular and quick method of transportation throughout RuneScape Classic. There are a variety of different teleportation spells available to players which offer instant transportation to the major cities throughout Gielinor. The magic spell book and the charged dragonstone amulet both allow players to teleport to various locations.

Magic spells[edit | edit source]

Player teleporting to Camelot.

For more information, see magic.

The magic spell book has many teleportation spells to the main cities in RuneScape Classic. Each teleportation spell requires a law-rune (except the ardougne teleport and watchtower teleport which require two law-runes) and a specific combination of elemental runes.

To cast a teleport, players must have the required runes in their inventory. Then, they must click the teleporation spell in their magic spell book and then click on the game area where their character is standing.

Unlike RuneScape 2, teleportation spells can be failed which will require the player to wait 20 seconds before trying again. However, no runes are lost during failure but no Magic experience is gained. Successfully teleporting will grant Magic experience and will use up the runes in the players inventory.

Level Spell name Description Runes required Experience
25 Varrock teleport Teleports you to Varrock 3 air-runes, 1 law-rune and 1 fire-rune 70
31 Lumbridge teleport Teleports you to Lumbridge 3 air-runes, 1 earth-rune and 1 law-rune 82
37 Falador teleport Teleports you to Falador 3 air-runes, 1 law-rune, and 1 water-rune 94
45 Camelot teleport Teleports you to Camelot 5 air-runes and 1 law-rune 110
51 Ardougne teleport Teleport to Ardougne 2 water-runes and 2 law-runes 122
58 Watchtower teleport Teleport to the Watchtower by Yanille 2 earth-runes and 2 law-runes 136

Charged Dragonstone Amulet[edit | edit source]

The charged dragonstone amulet is the only piece of jewelry that offers teleportation when rubbed. These teleports do not require any runes and cannot be failed. They give no Magic experience when teleporting and each charged dragonstone amulet offers a maximum of four teleports when fully charged. When the charged dragonstone amulet has been used up, players cannot teleport with them anymore and must recharge them at a fountain in the Hero's Guild. While other teleports only work from up until level 20 Wilderness the charged dragonstone amulet allows teleporting from up to level 29 Wilderness.

The charged dragonstone amulet offers four different teleports to the following locations:

Spirit Trees[edit | edit source]

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Spirit trees can be used to travel to other spirit trees after Tree Gnome Village quest. They are located in:

Teleport House[edit | edit source]

The teleport house connects East Ardougne to High level Wilderness. When inside the house, pulling the lever will teleport one to the Wilderness, and vice-versa. Player will need a knife or a sharp weapon to cut through the web in the Wilderness destination.

Magic whistle[edit | edit source]

The magic whistle is a quest item from The Holy Grail quest which can be blown on a patch of stone north-west of Brimhaven to enter the Fisher King Realm. It can also be blown inside the realm in order to exit.

Dark Metal Gate[edit | edit source]

The Dark Metal Gate teleports player a short distance in the Legends caverns. Opening the gate requires one cast of either Charge air orb, Charge water orb, Charge earth orb or Charge Fire Orb.

Portals[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]