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It may not accurately reflect the last version of RS Classic.
The three targets as they appeared in early 2001.

A target was an interactable scenery that used to be found in Varrock, between the General Store and Lowe's Archery Store. Its purpose likely would have been for players to practice and gain some ranged experience, in a similar way to how players can practice and gain some attack with Dummies.

Removal[edit | edit source]

On 11 June 2001[1] the 3 targets that used to be featured in Varrock were removed from the game. It's not known why the idea was not implemented, but there would have been a couple technical hurdles that could have stopped it.

In order for the concept to work, the way that projectiles are fired would have had to have been augmented since there is no way to fire a projectile at scenery. It would have also been likely necessary to augment the way that players are able to interact with scenery, since all other scenery in the game requires the player to be standing right next to the scenery in order to activate it.

Later concepts[edit | edit source]

Although the target was never implemented in RuneScape Classic, Jagex continued to show interest in the concept of Ranged training without combat.

  • In 2002, some special Ogres would be added to the Combat Training Camp with the specific purpose to be used as Ranged training targets, alongside the familiar Dummies.
  • In 2004, for the release of RuneScape 2, the Target would be brought back looking almost identical to its appearance in Classic, as part of static scenery in Varrock Palace, as well as part of a minigame in the Ranging Guild.

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