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Distribution of effects[edit source]

Need to look more into the effects, but here's the distribution of the outcomes of drinking a Poison chalice in replays. The sample size is too small to be confident of exact odds, but we can say pretty much for sure that not all effects have equal weight.

Drink strange liquid sample size: 48

That tasted very dodgy 1
That tasted a bit dodgy 17
You feel a little strange 3
You feel a lot better 10
Wow that was an amazing!! 3
It has a slight taste of apricot 2
It heals some health probably 12, unless there's a missing message

The "It heals some health" message is used for lots of foods, so it's not quick to check if it's tied to poison chalice. I did verify that it occurs when drinking poison chalice & it does heal 7. — Hubcapp (talk) 20:24, 6 January 2021 (UTC)