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The Ruler of the Village[edit source]

"In RuneScape Classic, he is thought to be the ruler of the village" - is this true? His examine text calls him a "villager". Frogdoubler (talk) User:Frogdoubler

According to the update that adds him, to start Vampire Slayer quest you "talk to the people in the village", which does not seem to support the opinion that Morgan is somehow the ruler of the villager, rather he's grouped with the rest. Nothing in implies leadership, rather it's "Our little village" and he's not reaching out to Dr Harlow as leader either, just "as a friend".
Dr Harlow's transcript does offer one possible line of dialogue which may have contributed to the misunderstanding that Morgan is the leader of Draynor Village:
Player: Morgan needs your help
Dr Harlow: Morgan you shhay?
Player: His village is being terrorised[sic] by a vampire
In English, this is an ambiguous phrase. To someone maybe less fluent, they may have interpretted this as "ownership of the village", but the correct interpretation is "The village to which Morgan belongs".
Anyway, there is no evidence that Morgan is "The Ruler of The Village" (although I'm sure he would be flattered). The claim can be safely removed imo. Hubcapp (talk) 03:36, 22 November 2020 (UTC)