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System messages are text based information sent to the player which are not dialogue related. The text can either be in a large black box, a smaller black box, or just output to All messages.

Types of system messages[edit | edit source]

Unicast[edit | edit source]

Unicast system messages are messages that are sent to just one individual player. They are the most common type of system message. These can be mundane, such as a notification that the player's boosted stat has returned to normal. Sometimes entire books are implemented as system messages output to All messages, such as the Tourist guide. Other books and documents were implemented as a system message in a large black box, such as the Book on baxtorian.

There was also the ability for Jagex moderators to send a specific player a special message, such as the "YOUR CHARACTER HAS BEEN MARKED AS A KNOWN CHEATER" shown below.

Broadcast[edit | edit source]

Broadcast system messages are those important enough to be manually sent by Jagex moderators to every player connected to the game. In the past, these were used during holiday events, when someone reached an important milestone for the first time, to notify players about bug fixes, when banning a rule-breaker, and to commemorate at least one in-game wedding event.

As the game's community got larger, broadcast messages became more of a rare event. Cheaters were banned without as much fanfare, and it became impossible to engage with the community on an individual level as had been done in 2001. After 2004, there were no further documented broadcast system messages, even to explain the game's delayed shutdown.

There also exists a system message which wasn't contained in a box that had to be closed manually. This was most likely created so as to not annoy the players with less important system messages.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It was reported[1] that on 23 January 2010, the message "You feel a strange power unleash itself upon you." was broadcast in Classic (as well as in the main RuneScape game worlds), as part of the Strange power event teasing the upcoming Dungeoneering skill in RuneScape 2. If true, it would be the last known message broadcast in RuneScape Classic.

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