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Switching is a melee combat technique commonly used by players when duelling and sometimes when Player Killing or fighting powerful monsters such as the King Black Dragon. It allows for optimal defense/armour when about to be hit, and optimal attack/strength/WeaponAim/WeaponPower when about to hit. There are various different kinds of switching which may be favored by different players or players under different circumstances.

Item switching[edit | edit source]

The following items are commonly switched. Usually only two items are switched between at a time due to the small delay when equipping.

Note that in RuneScape Classic, unlike RuneScape 2, gauntlets and plate mail bodies or plate mail tops cannot be worn at the same time. Gauntlets and chain mail bodies, which have a smaller armour bonus than plate mail bodies, however, can.

Additionally, when dueling, some players like to switch between a Dragon sword with superior WeaponAim and Dragon axe with superior WeaponPower when they are either hitting lots of zeroes or lots of small numbers. If they are using chainmail and gauntlets, they may equip a plate mail body when their Hits begins to get low.

Combat style switching[edit | edit source]

All combat styles are switched between. Some players swear by a particular style, or may favor accuracy or strength under different circumstances.

Prayer switching[edit | edit source]

Prayers are sometimes repeatedly disabled when they are unnecessary by players with a low Prayer level or players in danger of reaching 0 prayer.