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A Swamp Toad is a small creature with removable legs. If you choose to remove them, Toad Legs appear in your inventory in place of the swamp toad. It can be found as a spawn in the Tree Gnome Stronghold swamp, or pickpocketed from gnomes at level 75 Thieving. The Toad Legs can be used for Gnome Cooking.

When a player takes a toad from the ground the player gets the message:

"you pick up the swamp toad
you just manage to hold onto it"

However, if they fail to take the toad they get the message:

"you pick up the swamp toad
but it jumps out of your hands..
..slippery little blighters"

The surefire way for players to pick up the toads is to cast the Telekinetic grab spell on them.

When a player chooses the option 'remove legs' the player gets the message:

"you pull the legs off the toad
poor toad..at least they'll grow back"

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