Stone Gate

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The Stone Gate is used in Shantay Pass as the gate to the desert. Passing the gate to desert requires a Shantay Desert Pass.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

When right clicked Stone Gate has unique ways for the player to interact with it, including Go through and Look

Go through[edit | edit source]

  • When Go through is selected the following chat message is displayed:
A poster on the wall says exactly the same as the disclaimer
Are you sure you want to go through?

Two dialogue options are then presented:

  • Yeah I'm not scared!
    • If player has no pass in inventory
A guard stops you on your way out of the gate

Shantay Pass Guard: You need a shantay pass to get through this gate. Shantay Pass Guard: See Shantay, he will sell you one for a very reasonable price.

    • If the player has a pass in inventory
Shantay Pass Guard: Can I see your Shantay Desert Pass please.
You hand over a Shantay Pass.
Player: Sure, here you go!'
Shantay Pass Guard: Here, have a disclaimer..
Shantay Pass Guard: It means that Shantay isn't responsible if you die in the desert.
The guard gives you a disclaimer.
You go through the gate.

This also places A free Shantay Disclaimer in the players inventory.

  • No, I'm having serious second thoughts now.
You decide your visit to the desert can be postponed..
Perhaps indefinitely!

Look[edit | edit source]

  • When Look is selected the following chat message is displayed
You look at the huge Stone Gate.
On the gate is a large poster, it reads.
The Desert is a VERY Dangerous not enter if you are scared of dying.
Beware of high temperatures, sand storms, robbers, and slavers...
No responsibility is taken by Shantay
If anything bad should happen to you in any circumstances whatsoever.
Despite this warning lots of people seem to pass through the gate.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Stone Gate is identical to other henges.