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Steel is a metal made of coal ore and iron ore. It is light grey in colour. Steel is stronger than iron and is the third weakest metal in RuneScape Classic. Steel is the last metal in Classic which shares both a name and properties with a metal in the real world.

Iron rocks and coal rocks can be mined for iron ore and coal ore, which can be smelted into steel bars at level 30 Smithing. Steel bars can be used to smith steel weapons and armour. Steel armour and weapons require level 5 in Defense and Attack respectively to wield, whilst 6 Mining is needed to use a steel pickaxe.

Forging steel bars[edit | edit source]

Steel bars can be used for forging as part of the Smithing skill. By using a steel bar on an anvil with a hammer in the player's inventory, steel armour and weapons can be created. Each steel bar gives 37.5 Smithing experience when consumed to make an item.

Item Level Experience Bars
Steel dagger.png Steel dagger 30 37.5 1
Multi cannon ball.png Multi cannon ball 30 25 1
Steel Axe.png Steel Axe 31 37.5 1
Steel Mace.png Steel Mace 32 37.5 1
Medium Steel Helmet.png Medium Steel Helmet 33 37.5 1
Steel Short Sword.png Steel Short Sword 34 37.5 1
Nails.png 2 nails 34 34 1
Steel dart tips.png 7 steel dart tips 34 37.5 1
Steel arrow heads.png 10 steel arrow heads 35 37.5 1
Steel Scimitar.png Steel Scimitar 35 75 2
Steel Long Sword.png Steel Long Sword 36 75 2
Large Steel Helmet.png Large Steel Helmet 37 75 2
Steel throwing knife.png 2 steel throwing knives 37 37.5 1
Steel Square Shield.png Steel Square Shield 38 75 2
Steel battle Axe.png Steel battle Axe 40 112.5 3
Steel Chain Mail Body.png Steel Chain Mail Body 41 112.5 3
Steel Kite Shield.png Steel Kite Shield 42 112.5 3
Steel 2-handed Sword.png Steel 2-handed Sword 44 112.5 3
Steel Plated skirt.png Steel Plated skirt 46 112.5 3
Steel Plate Mail Legs.png Steel Plate Mail Legs 46 112.5 3
Steel Plate Mail Body.png Steel Plate Mail Body 48 187.5 5

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although black armour and weapons provide better bonuses than steel, many players decide to stick with steel to save up for mithril armour and weapons.