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Soil is an unobtainable item found only in the RuneScape Classic cache files. Given its item identifier, it was likely originally designed to be part of the Plague City quest. It could have been intended to be obtained after removing some of the dug up soil outside of Edmond's house.

The item was likely scrapped after realizing that being given a completely useless bucket of Soil would make the quest marginally more annoying to complete. If implemented, the player would no longer have their original Bucket after receiving Soil. A total of four water buckets are required to soften the dirt to excavate the tunnel into West Ardougne, so letting the player keep their bucket ended up being a better design.

Perhaps players would have been given a much less useless bucket of Compost from this step in the quest, if the Farming skill released in RuneScape 2 had existed when Plague City was released in 2002.

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